Announcing the MPE Community-Sourced Website

MPE Sign If you’re reading this message, then you’ve found the Merriman Park Estates community-sourced website. This is not the “official” website concept being promoted by the MPE Board. I am unaffiliated in any way with the MPE Board.

I want to talk to you for a moment about why this website is here.

At a recent MPE meeting, the Board discussed the need for a new or updated website and a fresh new “brand”.  I am certainly in agreement; an attractive and useable website and a distinctive look can help the community work together toward mutual goals (safety, security, services, and information).  It also helps our property as close-knit, active communities are sought after by newcomers.  I know this first hand since I recently moved into the neighborhood.

However, I felt that I needed to start this website on my own, separate and apart from any activities that the board was pursuing.  This separate website project will benefit the MPE community in several ways.  This project could be helpful for the board buy CBD products the community as it considers options for the website and the brand.  At the very least, it will demonstrate what can be done for free.

Please feel free to begin using this website and making suggestions for new features and improvements.  Obviously, I’m doing this in my spare time, so I will do my best to work periodically on enhancements and be responsive to suggestions.